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Tuition and Payment

Year 17-18 6th Grade through 11th Grade 12th Grade
Base Tuition $11,950 $11,950
Fees $1,250 $1700*
Total $13,200   $13,650
* Seniors   $350 Grad Fee & $100 Senior Project Fee
** A non-refundable registration fee for new students is $250.00 Due at registration- THIS FEE is counted towards your tuition

***All Students have: an ID Fee of $10 and an Ipad Tech Fee of $125 in addition to tuition total



Payment Options

St. John's Jesuit offers two payment options: An annual payment of tuition and fees due July 1st, or if you choose to make monthly payment, the payment plan fee is $150.00. The payment plan fee will be added to your tuition and fee balance. Monthly payments are setup through FACTS (online merchant) and enrollment must be completed by June 15th. If you already have a FACTS account you do not  have to setup a new account each year. For more information, contact the Business Office Christie Schroeder at 


Tuition Assistance Information

What is FACTS?

FACTS Management Company is an independent national family assessment firm used by most northwest Ohio private schools to assist in determining financial need. FACTS charges a $30.00 processing fee to complete the application online or by mail. The application takes approximately 15 minutes to complete online and requires submission of a copy of your tax returns.


How is Tuition Assistance determined?

Based on the recommendation of FACTS Management Co., the St. John's Jesuit Tuition Assistance Committee determines and awards the form of grants.

Important Dates

All families are required to complete a FACTS Management Co. application for tuition assistance and payment plan for tuition by February 28th.  If there is an issue regarding this date, please contact the Financial Aid Coordinator at  or 419-720-0767.

It is important to apply for Tuition Assitance on a timely basis as there are limited funds available.


What is the Tuition Assistance Process ?


 Step 1: Create and account and File the Tuition Assistance Assessment with FACTS Management Co. online application.

*A $30.00 fee is charged by FACTS Management Co. for processing the Grant & Aid application.

 Step 2: Upload your W-2's and Federal Tax Information into your FACTS Management Co. account.

* Your account must be VERIFIED before the Tuition Assistance Committee can review it.

 Step 3: You will be notified initially by email of your financial assistance award.


Merit Scholarships

High School Merit Scholarships for New incoming Freshman Fall 2017

96th -99th Percentile $3,000 per year, a total of $12,000

90th - 95th Percentile $1,500 per year, a total of $6,000

80th-89th Percentile $500 per year, a total of $2,000

75th-79th Percentile $250 per year, a total of $1,000

! St. John's Jesuit must be student's 1st Choice when taking the High School Placement Test.

!! Students must maintain a 3.0GPA and their discipline record must be in good standing with the Associate Principal.





High School Test Dates

Tuition Assistance Information

Advancement at St. John's Jesuit
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